We deliver on our promises, consistently. When Apex Strategy takes control of your SEO,
You’ll really notice the difference.

Everyone wants to appear on page one of search results, the higher up the page the better. It’s a bleak story for those businesses who appear on page two or beyond of the Google search results as only 10% of people will ever look beyond page one of the searches. That means that if you’re not on page one, you may as well be invisible to new prospective customers.

In fact, even if you’re on page one, the top 3 results get almost all of the clicks with 33% of clicks going to the top spot and 18% going to position two.

That doesn’t leave many opportunities for the other guys. So don’t be the other guy.

Powerful Ranking Results
and More Organic Traffic

We deliver on our promises, consistently. When Apex Strategy takes control of your SEO, you’ll really notice the difference – It’s night and day.

Melbourne SEO Team
with Decades of Experience

Apex Strategy comprises a small team of highly experienced and dedicated experts in search engine optimisation, digital marketing and website development.

SEO Solutions for
Most Budgets

We’re exceptional value for money. Our entry level packages for lower competition industries and local keyword searches are perfect for businesses targeting a specific area.



During the initial planning stage, we consult with our clients to map out each business’s goals and create a formidable strategy for moving forward. We also undertake keyword research, competitor analysis, planning topics for content generation and identify ongoing strategies for success.

We ensure that your foundations are strong so that we can build a solid SEO plan moving forward.

On Page SEO

During the second phase of the SEO process, we begin undertaking on-page SEO which is designed to ensure your website is readable for both users and search engines. In this stage, we remove all factors that can be harmful to your website’s rankings. We begin optimising the content on each of the pages including titles and alt tagging/size reducing pictures.

We check the website and fix any coding errors, optimise internal linking and anchor text, ensure the correct page load speeds to minimise bounce rates, upload any new relevant content, create pages if required, track results and analyse data. Each and every one of these stages takes time but is all part of the grand plan.


A good backlink strategy is an essential component of good SEO and requires a comprehensive long term view of the project.  High quality backlinks are a major ranking factor for Google so we keep up with the best and most effective practices to satiate the Google gods. We ensure that our links are relevant and good quality and we tap into our existing networks and connections to build ever stronger links that have a positive effect on your ranking.

We also offer blog outreach and press releases when suitable opportunities arise.


At Apex Strategy, we strive to bring transparency to our SEO services. We provide ongoing performance monitoring and at the end of each month, our team issues a full report to our clients. By regularly staying on top of any changes in rankings and analysing the data, we know very quickly if a strategy is working or not working which enables us to adapt as quickly as possible. Our results speak for themselves though and clients are happy with both the increasing rankings and the monitoring service we offer.

Our No B.S. Promise


SEO has been around in some form or another for 25 years. The rules of the SEO game change each time Google updates their algorithms, meaning what was once standard practice, is now all of a sudden the kiss of death.

If your SEO strategy is old and outdated or your SEO team doesn’t know what they’re doing and not keeping up with the current best practices, your website could be penalised.

In many cases, businesses approach us to fix the problems caused by their previous agencies because of their ineptitude.

When you work with a digital marketing agency like Apex Strategy, you can be assured that we keep up to date with all the latest changes in the SEO industry.

This means that we constantly keep on top of any changes to your rankings and stay at the forefront of major updates so that your website rankings don’t suffer.

“I have had Apex Strategy on board with my business the past few months and was very cautious about signing up but I must say I have been so impressed with the service so far. They have done an amazing job with getting my website to perform a lot better. The friendly service has been amazing and I love the fact that I can call anytime and our conversations are never rushed. The staff are amazing. I would highly recommend them.”

Dionne Rosenbaum – Founder, Wild Ranges Wildlife Encounters


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