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Dear Business Owners,

Like so many others, you’re probably bombarded on a daily basis with sales calls from telemarketers and spam emails from offshore agencies – all offering SEO services and telling you they’ll ‘improve your web traffic.’

More traffic sounds good, right? But with an infinite choice of companies offering their services to ‘grow your traffic’- It’s no wonder choosing a company to work with is hard – the vast majority are rubbish and they all seem the same or they charge a fortune.

Many businesses waste time and money and get burnt anyway, ending up right back where they started – with no significant increase in organic traffic. Getting top rankings in Google is more competitive and complex than ever – and don’t these digital agencies know it!

Many of these agencies are really struggling to get their clients the results they were promised. This is the trend across the industry now. Many of the large agencies heavily rely on paid channels such as Google Ads – and can’t get the organic growth that they are ‘selling’ their clients.

Nothing against Google Ads – it’s a vital part of our complete strategy – but there’s too many good reasons to not just rely on ‘paid traffic’.

We’ve got this thing completely worked out. Our clients are achieving up-to 50K dollars equivalent worth of Google Ads traffic every month, without spending a cent on Google. I’m talking small growing businesses. We know search – and exactly how to build an organic presence that overshadows your competitors, no matter how big they are or how small you are.

Speak to us and use this opportunity to see exactly how we can take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


The Apex Strategy Team


We’re local.


Australian owned and operated, Apex Strategy isn’t just another local sales operation for an off-shore company. The Apex Strategy team is salesperson free, BS free. We’re the people who do the work. We get you results, and if it’s not working, we’ll know about it and we’ll fix it. We’re all about maximising our clients results.

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Get the info.

Our ‘Marketing Strategy’ guide includes information on all our services along with detailed pricing for your convenience. You can download this below or please feel free to call us.

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Speak with us.

Let’s chat about your business growth goals and how we can help you achieve them. We’ll define a strategy aligned with your business goals and budget. Our project managers dedicate time to consulting and will be absolutely delighted to hear from you.

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Your success story commences.

We’re here to get you results. That’s the Apex Strategy. That’s our NO B.S. Promise!


Includes a complete guide to end-to-end digital marketing strategy. Our detailed service pricing, valuable processes and
case studies.

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  • 724 %
    Traffic Increase
    Construction Headhunters
  • 415 %
    Traffic Increase
    DJ Baker and Son
  • 650 %
    Traffic Increase
    Women at Work Painters
  • 336 %
    Traffic Increase
    Hedge & Stone

Web Traffic
Fuel for your Business


Quality traffic comprised of users ready to take action and inquiry with your business. Google Ads It’s the single fastest way to immediately drive interested traffic (warm leads) to your site and generate you quick sales. We’ll help position your business to make sales right now. Along with a longer term organic traffic strategy ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ which is vital to our overall approach.

90% of people stop looking at the results after page one. More specifically, the number one organic spot on Google gets 33% of all the clicks.

“It has been fabulous dealing with Apex Strategy. They have turned my business around to the point where I can barely cope and I really appreciate that I can go to them about anything. It’s great not having to deal with a bureaucracy and actually getting things done!”

Avril Southon – Managing Director, Women at Work Painters




No high pressure sales pitches – just an honest chat with an experienced digital marketer. We’ll be answer any questions you have, offer free and friendly advice and discuss a digital strategy that right for your business.



Reliable Advice

We’re a small team of experts, no sales staff. Our highly experienced project director Andy Prentice dedicates time to consulting and will be absolutely delighted to hear from you.

A Fair Assessment

Not to poke holes exactly, but we’ll be straight up with you. we can take a look at your current performance online and give you a fair and honest assessment.

Real Value Pricing

We’ll provide a proposal with transparent and fair pricing and identify the optimal strategies along with sound advice and budget allocations.



Find out how we can get your digital marketing generating leads like never before.
We’ll show you how it’s done and provide a strategy proposal.

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