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Thanks for taking the time to check out Apex Strategy. We are a boutique agency with one, focused mission …to achieve the best possible online marketing results and customer acquisition for your business.

We would love to work with you to achieve this goal.

A bit of background

We are a diverse group of SEO experts who have been brought together by the Director and Founder of Apex Strategy, Adrian Harrod. For over 10 years Adrian has dedicated his time and energy to developing a finely tuned search optimisation and digital marketing strategy, the Apex Strategy.

The Best Strategy Based on Research

Adrian has examined all the SEO methods being used in the market today and has a keen understanding of how vastly different the effectiveness of various approaches can be. There’s the lazy way, the unreliable way and the way that actually works. The Apex Strategy is a combination of the very best and most effective methods to ensure great results, value for money, and a growing client base for your business.

To create the Apex Strategy Adrian has identified the most robust and effective combination of tools and approaches. Finely-tuned page and link optimisation combined with the right advertising strategy and a superior tracking and reporting system equals outstanding results.

The Apex team would love to have a chat about the right service delivery package for your business.



“It has been fabulous dealing with Apex Strategy. They have turned my business around to the point where I can barely cope and I really appreciate that I can go to them about anything. It’s great not having to deal with a bureaucracy and actually getting things done!”

Avril Southon – Managing Director, Women at Work Painters


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