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Great Websites Converts Visitors into Paying Customers

Your website’s primary purpose is to inform potential customers about your products and services and then to encourage them to take an action. It’s often people’s first and only exposure to your business. If visitors to your website are left unimpressed, confused or not encouraged to buy, then we can help you with a modern website upgrade.

Good website design will work for you, answering people’s questions before they even get in touch, which means that customers will be qualified and wanting to buy by the time they even pick up the phone. We can help you lay the foundations for success by creating a website that looks as good as the competition’s and allows you to spend more time running your business.

Whether you have a website that needs an upgrade or want to start your new business off with a brand new customised website, we can help. All our websites are built with WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world, which means that you’re not locked in with just one web designer to make changes for you.

Our team of web designers, web developers, graphic designers and project managers will ensure that your new modern website looks and performs exactly as you want it to. Our custom made websites will offer you the professional edge you need to take your business to new heights.

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“Amazing experience with these guys, there follow through is amazing and they have delivered everything they promised plus more. If you want to increase traffic to your website the right way with lasting results, these are the guys.”

Tiko Gawin – Managing Director, A Tech Recyclers


We’ll identify any issues with your current website and let you know if your website’s mobile experience is hurting your sales.

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Don’t fall victim to these common traps when getting a website built:

1. Web designers who never complete the job.

They might be a friend, family member or web design student who offered you a cheap or free website but they never manage to allow enough time to complete the job. You could be waiting a long time for something that ends up looking basic and not working as well as you need it. It’s worth paying a professional for their experience, support and agreed-upon deadlines.

2. Proprietary software.

It’s great to have a web developer who can customise your website, but avoid using a designer who uses proprietary software as you will be locked into them for all changes moving forward. This means if you want to end your dealings with them, you can never change your website again as you’re dependent on their software only. Make sure your designer uses an open-source software like WordPress which is supported by an international community of thousands of developers.

3. Build a website on your own domain name.

Don’t use a company who builds your website off of their own extension. Once again, you will be locked into that company for good and if they choose to delete your website, they can. Use a designer who puts your business’s interests first and creates a customisable website that you own outright. After all, your website becomes a business asset, so once you’ve paid for it, make sure it’s actually yours!

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Speak to the web design experts at Apex Strategy and find out how we can help bring your website up to date and make it a key part of your business that you can be proud of!


Speak to the website conversion experts at Apex Strategy and find out how we can help bring your website up to date and make it a key part of your business marketing.

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